About Your Travel Designer

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Jolene Detillion | Founder

After 20-plus years of selling and marketing top luxury hotel brands in New York City, Los Angeles, and Maui, Jolene Detillion started a new adventure in 2012 and founded Your Travel Designer, a boutique travel agency that embraces her passions for international travel and luxurious living. 

Your Travel Designer starts with moments you want to remember forever and combines that with our experience, connections, and attention to detail to make them even more remarkable. We provide full-service concierge travel, focusing on every detail of the travel experience so our clients can relax and enjoy their experience—from father-son road trips to milestone family celebrations to once-in-a-lifetime honeymoons.

Some of our favorite destinations include Italy, France, Mexico, and Southeast Asia for their rich culture, cuisine, and history. For thrilling adventures, we seek out experiences in Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. And everyone once and a while, you’ll find Jolene escaping to a luxury guest ranch to reconnect with her inner cowgirl.



Nathan Cripps | Luxury Travel Consultant

Growing up in an airline family I developed an early passion for travel. We always said “don’t get lost, get local!” because connecting with locals and getting immersed in the culture makes it a truly extraordinary vacation. My background gives me some unique advantages such as “insider” information when working with airlines on your behalf.

I am a credentialed specialist for the South Pacific and Hawaii, having traveled extensively in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and The Islands of Hawaii. My expertise also includes creating independent tours through Europe, Asia and the U.S. I really enjoy planning amazing trips for clients using my worldwide connections and Virtuoso exclusive partnerships. My goal is to design “wow”-worthy, memorable experiences and to exceed your expectations on every trip!



Kelly Browne | Assistant & Travel Coordinator

Wanderlust is defined as a very strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world, and this definition could not resonate more profoundly in my life! After obtaining a degree in International Studies and German from the University of Wyoming where I participated in numerous study abroad opportunities, I went on to live two years in Europe (Germany and France) where I studied languages, worked as an Au Pair in Munich and a tour guide in the Brittany region of France.

It was through my experience as a guide I realized I was destined to work in the travel industry, and thus changed course again to head to the U.S. West Coast. I revel in taking any kind of trip, whether it’s across the ocean, across the border or right here in the great Pacific Northwest’s backyard. I love getting to know new people, immersing myself in a different culture and trying new things. I have a strong desire to visit Thailand, Croatia, New Zealand, Japan and countless other countries, but would re-visit Costa Rica, Western Europe and India in a heartbeat!



Leisha Muraki | Brand Strategist

I believe the most important currency in our world is no longer capital — it is connection. It is a billion global citizens sharing stories, creating experiences and welcoming one another with an Aloha, Ciao or Hello. This is a belief that has guided me around the world. Twice. 

At present I’m readjusting to Seattle weather, having lived in Melbourne, Australia for the last seven years and Rome, Italy for one. As an expat, my professional career centered around art, film, travel and design management, including roles as a tour guide within the Roman Aurelian Walls, Head Designer of St. Jerome’s — The Hotel and Concierge & Marketing rep for Hotel Matisse. The travel community have become part of my lifestyle, rather than a career. It has become a guiding light and a distilled reason for why I do the things I do in my life and the ways in which I do them, in the distinctive way that only I can. I’ve learned throughout the years that I'm lucky to have rooms around the world, only separated by long hallways.