Our Services

Trust Your Travel Designer to customize your ideal getaway. We know which hotels are ideal for families and best for couples and in which neighborhoods you want to stay. We have access to hard-to-get theater, sports, and other event tickets, and we'll arrange a reservation at the hottest restaurants for you in advance. 


  • Travel consultancy

  • Concierge services

  • 24/7 access while traveling

  • Exclusive residences

  • Special rates, upgrades, benefits and amenities with our partners

  • Mileage ticket assistance upon request

  • Private transportation




Maybe your ideal holiday includes It-list hotels, luxury villas or yachts, gourmet cuisine, fine wines and the service that goes along with it. Or maybe it includes tickets to most exclusive concert, exhibition or sporting event. Whether it's a see-and-be-seen locale or the ultimate private hideaway, we love to make sure our clients are pampered to the nth degree.


Have you ever dreamt of heli-skiing lodge to lodge in British Columbia, surfing the shores of Indonesia, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, fly-fishing or whitewater rafting in New Zealand, hiking through the jungles of Central or South America or swimming with great white sharks in Australia? We have the contacts and the guides that can make those dreams a reality.


Given the hectic pace of our lives and how spread out families can be, it's no wonder that multi-generational travel is a growing trend. Whether it’s a trip to the Galapagos or staying at a farmhouse in Tuscany, there are a myriad of options available where all the ages can gather, unwind, reconnect and create memories that they will cherish forever.


Your business is going places, so why not bring an expert on board? With our experience, we are making corporate travel simpler, fast and easier. From airport transfers to express pickups, we'll help you get to your next boardroom meeting.

Wedding & Honeymoon

Let us help you make your wedding or honeymoon destination stress-free. There’s no need to feel underwater … unless you’re snorkeling in the Maldives of course! We can handle the arrangements and guide you over the obstacles so that you are free to enjoy your special day to the fullest, instead of stressing over the details.